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Loose lead walking

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Having a dog pulling on their lead is no fun for anyone, neither you or them. There are lots of reasons a dog will pull on its lead, first and foremost us mere humans do not walk at their pace, they are excited to get where they are going and more often than not they've never been correctly trained not to!

From puppy most dogs will naturally try to walk ahead of you, partly because they are unsure of their place in your 'pack, and as such it is key we help them understand their place is not as pack leader and consistently show them where it is we would like them to be on lead walks.

Most dog owners will be familiar with 'walking to heel' but often we find that the training element of heel walking is being executed wrongly. We often see owners pulling on their dogs lead and saying 'heel' at the same time. All that is being achieved here is that you are teaching your dog to pull on the heel command.

With a combination of tone of voice, praise and the correct execution of heel training it is possible to correct lead walking and have your dog walking to heel very quickly.

Please contact us for more information or to book a loose lead walking session. We'd love to help!

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