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Keep it positive to improve FOCUS!

Updated: Jul 1

Have you ever wondered why your dog doesn’t respond to its name?

If you think back to last ten times you used your dogs name you may well find that it wasn’t for a positive reason…..

’Toffee - stop barking’

‘Treace - no!’

’Toffee - down’

Toffee - off’

Try only using your dogs name when paired with positive commands and also focus on rewarded your dog for good behaviour and marking behaviour that is either wanted or asked for!

Wait for your dog to stop barking and mark that behaviour with a ‘YES’ and then praise or treat.

Another way to improve focus is to mark and reward everytime your dog looks at you. This can be at home or on a walk.

Simply wait for eye contact and say ‘YES’ and reward with a treat.

We can supercharge your dogs focus on you in juts a few sessions solving many other behavioural and training issues.

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