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  • William Smart

Benevolent Leadership

Recent developments within the dog training industry have seen constant clashes between the balanced trainers and the force free or positive training community.

As a positive trainer I try to ensure I keep up to date in what is happening in both camps as my biggest fear is that I become ignorant to the best possible way to help my clients and their dogs.

One thing I am sure of is that our dogs need boundaries and leadership in order to be kept safe, happy and for them to enjoy maximum freedom. This is especially true in the world of reactivity.

(Reviews on Google & TrustPilot smartdogs Leeds).

Becoming their leader doesn't however required adversive methodology and we can achieve a desired benevolent leader status using force free and friendly ways.

Contact me today to explore how you can advocate for your dog, train safe and comfortable boundaries and help your dog live its best life ⭐️

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