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Anxiety Training

We offer specilist one to one classes for nervous dogs and people.

Your puppy

We will provide you with tools and tricks to teach your pet how to be a well-mannered companion. 

obedience training

We offer specialist training in obedience to help prevent and treat behaioural problems in dogs of all ages.

Our Services

We want our clients to feel confident taking care of their dogs no matter where they are. From group training to private at-home training, we provide you with everything you need to develop a positive relationship with your pet. Browse our services below.

Our Services
Beagle Puppy
Your Puppy

We will provide you with tools and tricks to teach your pet how to be a well-mannered companion. Our holistic approach creates dogs that are balanced, mentally and physically.

  • Pre-puppy planning & advice

  • Toilet training 

  • Crate training

  • Basic obedience & commands 

  • Recall 

  • Lead walking 

  • Family socialisation / children 

Service - Your Puppy
Obedience Training

Many potential problems people experience with older dogs can be prevented by investing time in solid obedience training. It's never too late to start or even just enhance existing skills.

  • Recall training 

  • Lead pulling / heel work

  • Whistle training 

  • Dog to dog socialisation 

  • Dog to children socialisation 

  • Unwanted barking 

  • Anxiety / fear 

  • Travel / car issues 

Dog Training
Service - Obedience Training
Anxiety Training

We offer specialist one to one classes for anyone who is nervous around dogs. Even if you aren't a 'doggy' family, the reality is that dog ownership is increasing year on year. We can help you or you children become more comfortable around dogs to make walks in the park safer and more relaxed, or make interaction with friends and family who own dogs easier and happier. We also deal with all types of anxiety in dogs too.


Please contact us for a no obligation chat. 

Service - Anxiety Training
Our Story

Our Story

Force-Free, fun and friendly training

At SmartDogs, we try to remain on the cutting edge of animal behavioral science. Offering the most effective training methodologies and providing a range of both private and group classes to fit your specific needs, we are equipped to help you achieve your goals. From impulse control and obedience to complex commands and tricks—no dog is untrainable. We are fully insured and kennel club registered for extra peace of mind.

Dog Training in Leeds, Harrogate, York and across Yorkshire.


Read what our amazing customers experienced using our services


We attended a 6 week course with Will with one of our dogs Kobi, a large very strong American Bulldog x Alaskan Malamute. We were at a point where we were struggling massively to walk him due to his strength. Kobi learned very quickly the training Will gave us and within a couple of sessions Kobi was a different dog! We are now on our second course with Will (we signed up again as although Kobi learned so much we believe it was good for him socially and mentally). We have also had Will do some 1:1 work with us to help us introduce Kobi to my other dogs. We are now at a point where Kobi gets lots of long nice walks, not pulling and focused on me! He is a pleasure to walk now! I cannot recommend Will enough. He has helped us so much and we are very grateful for all of Will's training, help and advice. Will is always happy to give advice at any time. Thank you for all of your continual support.

- Luan Longhorn


We approached Will as we had heard he was a bit of a ‘dog whisperer’. Stanley our 18 month old cocker spaniel, despite looking gorgeous, was becoming unruly and his recall was very poor. After just a few visits from Will his behaviour improved dramatically. He now is responsive to a whistle and we are making good progress. Will’s experience and natural affinity to dogs is clear to see. We would recommend him to help you with your difficult dogs. Thanks Will.

Janice & Phil Richardson

East Carlton.


We have a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel called chip who barks (a lot) when people walk passed our house and often reacts aggressively to other dogs on walks (often snarling and growling if they get too close). Will quickly identified Chips behaviour as nervousness and has been working with us to build his confidence and change his behaviour.


Will's knowledge and understanding of dogs is clear to see and he has helped me understand how Chip thinks and acts in certain situations. Will has demonstrated several techniques that we practise together during training sessions and he leaves every session with homework for us to keep practising with Chip. 


I could genuinely see an improvement in Chip after just 2 sessions with Will and then following each subsequent session. He's not barking nearly as much and I'm much more confident walking him. I have already recommended Will and SmartDogs to friends.

- Mel & Chip

York Dog Park

Will Smart provides York Dog Park with his professional dog training services. The weekly group puppy and adult dog classes are popular and very positively received by all our customers. Will is very knowledgable and puts the customers at ease. The training always improves week on week and dog owners find Wills training and behaviour methods easy to grasp and implement at home. Classes are always fun and engaging for the dogs and their owners. We have received lots of positive feedback from course customers who have completed training with Smartdogs at York Dog park

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